Aarohan, a new beginning is a tale of two villages, Manihari and Mainachak. Manihari is caught in the grip of no rainfall for almost four years, a sinking water table, a dwindling river, de-forestation, barren unyielding lands and starvation. In complete contrast is Mainchak – a prosperous village where the fields are green and children go to school.

This film is about the transformation of Manihari village brought about by a Sarpanch called Kajri and the environment expert Vikram. Kajri changes hearts and minds and motivates all to join in the movement to save their village whereas Vikram provides the backbone to this change, in the form of educated knowledge.

The film opens with Darshan, a villager, trying to steal from the Thakur’s haveli to feed an almost starving family. During the film we see Darshan become seriously ill. Will his child survive and how will Darshan cope with unavoidable tradegy ? Is Darshan living the collective fate of the whole village?

Arohan is a heart wrenching yet motivating film geared at inspiring all to protect the environment.

While producing the film the team came face to face with an incredible challenge. How were they to find a dry barren village in the midst of the Haryana green belt where fields of green stretch to the horizon?!