A half hour, fun filled reality show that attempts to find a solution to the age old battle of the sexes. Not only will they fight it out with each other, they will be fighting it out as each other! Boy and girls will switch their sexes, and literally attempt to walk in each other’s shoes!

This show will find out, as one girl and one boy in each episode get complete makeovers to look like the opposite sex. Their makeovers will be tested as convincing or otherwise through a Family Test. If a family member or a friend cannot recognize our contestant behind the make-up and balled-up socks, he/she is ready for the battle.

The battle consists of the contestants’ throwing challenges at each other. They ask their opponent to beat them at their own game. Can the Daddy’s Little Girl do the odd jobs the Small Town Boy had to? Can he use his killer smile to convince random strangers to help him move heavy objects as she easily can?

As they complete each other’s challenge they move to the another level of the battle where the VJ will decide who the stronger sex is. He gives another challenge which they must complete, still in their avatars of the opposite sex. This task is a lot tougher, because, after all, thehonor of either half of the human race is at stake!

Let the games begin!

The show airs on Channel V.