Chhoona Hai Aasmaan, patriotism and personal relationships combine to tell a compelling story. The narrative revolves around a dedicated mission commander, Arya Veer Pratap, and his team of six committed professionals, brave men and women who are devoted to wiping out terrorism from India.

The team consists of Flt. Lt. Abhimanyu Adhikari (Iqbal Khan), the highly intelligent, brave pilot and former Pakistani prisoner of war, Flt. Lt. Sameera (Janvi Cheda,) the ace fighter pilot intent on fulfilling her fathers dream, Flt. Lt. Samrat Singh Sekhawat, the dashing bomb expert with a weakness for beautiful girls, Flt. Lt. Farhan Zaide (Manish Paul), the shy computer whiz with a secret crush on a co-worker, Flt. Lt. Isha Oberio (Aparna Kumar), the beautiful, sharp intelligence officer, and Flt. Lt. Tanvi Sharma (Vani Sharma), the Air Force engineer for whom the job means her family’s survival.

Together they form HAWKS, a lethal and cohesive intelligence unit which hunts down terrorists to their very roots, without thought for personal gain or safety. But along with their commitment to the cause, come dark secrets that refuse to remain hidden. Arya Veer struggles to cope with his murky past, Sameera discovers the truth about her father’s death and Abhimanyu discover love for the first time, only to have it torn away by a secret from his own history.

Following the lives of these characters as they struggle to deal with their own personal issues, while undertaking extremely dangerous missions in the service of their country, makes Choona Hai Aasamaan a rare blend of human relationships and patriotism. The result is a heart wrenching series that any Indian will identify with.

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