Drifting between Ibiza and Goa, this free spirit is a raging inventor in the kitchen. A reflection of his lifestyle, he runs a very bohemian kitchen. Watch Saleem Christopher Aga Bee on a brand new half hour weekly food show where he takes fusion cooking to new heights.

Mixing sweet with the sour & crisp with the soft, Chris Saleem uses some traditional and some non traditional ingredients to dish up never heard of gastronomic delights!

On this show Chris Saleem brings together his experiences from the biggest restaurants of New York, Frankfurt & Santa Barbara. Trained in Italian & French cuisine, he is a wanderer at heart & is inspired by the freshness of food. Chris Saleem runs a restaurant called Sublime in Goa, which is now home to him. Here he dishes out lavish new tastes as he fuses French and Italian cooking with Asian and Indian techniques. It is with this mouthful of attitude & an eclectic cooking style, that he’s created quite a fan following for himself.

In every episode watch our rebellious chef as he innovates & experiments with taste, texture and colours. Watch him spin old and classical cuisines into something that is familiar, yet different.

So tune in to your weekly guide to unique concoctions and get a glimpse into the life & food of Chrtistopher Saleem Aga Bee.

The show airs on FOOD First.