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The Banker Who Knew Too Much
The Jars Murderer
Go India – Chhattisgarh
Inside : Mumbai Terror Attacks
The 8th City of Delhi
India Innovates
Airport Rising
Varanasi - The Burning Shores
India's Hidden Plague
Mumbai Mega Flood
Incredible Andamans & Paradise Lost and Found
24 Hours with the Delhi Metro
Super Cyclones
Head On - AirCrash
Chasing Earthquakes
IC 814 Hijack
Brahmaputra - the Great Descent
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Leopards of Bollywood
The Lions of Gir
Operation Hot Pursuit
The Indian Witch-Hunt
Santosh Revisited
A Call Within A Call
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Silent Screams- India’s fight against rape

The brutal gang rape of a 23-year old student in the heart of India’s capital city, New Delhi, shook the conscience of a nation. The incident catalyzed a movement for stronger laws, better enforcement, and sensitization of the Police force and gender equality campaigns. In an exclusive interview the family of the 23 year old speaks out. Through the firsthand accounts of other rape victims and survivors it documents the trauma they face to get justice. 


3 women are found murdered in 3 different luxury hotel rooms across 3 different provinces in Thailand. All the victims are women-of-the-night, and they’ve been either strangled or drowned to death in hotel rooms booked in the name of people who don’t exist.




A regular rafting trip down the Zanskar turns into a terrifying life and death struggle for 12 rafters, when a sudden cloudburst in Leh, traps the team in the Himalayas.


Hongkong's King of Thieves

Known as The Man with The Dog Fangs, the biopic follows the Yip’s thieving career – right from his formative years to his current condition as a paraplegic in a maximum security prison. The film recreates his daring adventures, heists & escapes, as he dodges, tempts & taunts the Police… almost every time a step ahead in their elaborate cat-and-mouse games on the streets of Hong Kong.

The Banker Who Knew Too Much

A tale of lies, deceit, fraud and cold-blooded murder set against the backdrop of one of Hong Kong’s biggest bank scandals

The Jars Murderer

On four nights, four women, from four different streets of Hong Kong board a taxi. All four are destined to meet a common fate - death at the hands of 27 year old taxi driver Lam Kor-wan, Hong Kong's first serial killer. His victims reduced to specimens in jars - trophies of Lam's conquests!

Go India Chhattisgarh

Go India – Chhattisgarh takes one across the state, to both major tourist destinations, as well as undiscovered hidden sanctuaries.Vivacious host Kim Jagtiani takes us on a tour of the state of Chhattisgarh: green, regal and steeped in lyrical tradition. Through this six day journey, she discovers the place, people and their lives.

Naya Raipur Future City

Born in 2000 when India's biggest state Madhya Pradesh was split in two, Chhattisgarh is one of the country's youngest states. After its inception, Raipur was chosen to be its capital city. However, ten years later, although citizens love their capital, Raipur is straining beyond its resources and capacity. The need for a new capital is evident.

Inside : Mumbai Terror Attack

On 26th November 2008, 10 gunmen strike Mumbai with military precision. They kill at will, take hostages, preferably Americans, Britishers & Jews, target the economic capital of India and grab international attention. Over 60 hours they paralyse a city of 19 million, killing 166 people and injuring 304. With strategic support from forces unseen, unknown!

The 8th City of Delhi

45 Mins, High Definition
A refreshing group of 7 young students from the Delhi College of Art take a city bus to the venues of the erstwhile 7 cities of Delhi. Their mission is to paint stories from those cities as they figure out the 8th city of Delhi; today’s Delhi. They actually recreate Delhi’s journey down the ages, outlining all the influences that have made Delhi into the paradoxical, multi faceted city it is today. The film rocks our sense of time as we find ourselves moving from the paintings on the bus, to rare archival pictures and back to images of a contemporary world capital.

India Innovates

India Innovates treks across the great Indian Technology outback. The 30 minute film visits some of the country’s premiere research labs & finds out about the latest innovations. All of them have a global impact – and have been designed by Indian Scientists.

Airport Rising

Follow an international team of architects, engineers & airport operators who come together for the first time to engineer an extra-ordinary dream – the world’s fastest built international airport, built from scratch in 36 months in a southern Indian metropolis - Hyderabad.

Varanasi: The Burning Shores on National Geographic Channel

Varanasi: The Burning Shores explores a city where the traditional and contemporary co-exist – how in 2006, Varanasi in eastern part of India is still home to ancient rituals on the one hand and a unique business on the other.

India's Hidden Plagueon National Geographic Channel

Hollywood superstar Ashley Judd is on a mission. Far from her glamorous life in Hollywood she is on a journey to Mumbai in India in her role as Global Ambassador for Youth AIDS and Population Services International (PSI).

Mumbai Mega Floodon National Geographic Channel

Mumbai Mega Flood looks at how one of the biggest cities in the world came to a standstill for over 48 hours due to the fury of the monsoons and how the citizens of the city braved the disaster with their indomitable spirit.

Incredible Andamans & Paradise Lost and Found

Miditech recently produced two half hour documentary films in collaboration with the National Film Development Corporation for the Andaman and Nicobar Administration.


Zanskar takes you through the raw thrill of a 180 kilometer descent from Remala at about eleven and a half thousand feet above sea level to Alchi, just under ten thousand feet above sea level.

24 Hours with the Delhi Metroon Discovery Channel

24 hours with the Delhi Metro tells the story of this remarkable achievement, of the people who are building the network, the people who are running it and the people who are using it.

Super Cycloneson National Geographic Channel

The film studies ‘CYCLONES’ through a depression building up in the Bay of Bengal along the Eastern coast of India. A depression is the first indication that a cyclone is in the making. Once this depression intensifies to a point where wind speeds are beyond 62kmph, it becomes a cyclonic storm.

Head On Aircrashon National Geographic Channel

Head On Aircrash is an investigative 60-minute documentary to explain the world’s worst mid-air collision in history.

Chasing Earthquakeson National Geographic Channel

‘Chasing Earthquakes’ talks to scientists who have passionately pursued and researched this topic with the quest to predict the next big disaster. Their goal is simple - 'save lives'. Chasing Earthquakes has been filmed internationally.

IC 814 Hijack on National Geographic Channel

“IC 814 HIJACK”, a documentary film produced for National Geographic Channel International, relives the days of tension and negotiation that followed the hijacked Indian Airlines flight IC-814 which finally ended in the release of three deadly terrorists.

Brahmaputra: The Great Descent on Adventure One

Brahmaputra: The Great Descent follows an international team of professional river runners, on the first ever river run down the Brahmaputra for ten days covering a distance of 180 kilometers.

Skeleton Lake on National Geographic Channel

Skeleton Lake unravels the mystery behind the hundreds of human skeletons, discovered in 1942, in the Roopkund lake high up in the Hmalayas.

Leopards of Bollywoodon National Geographic Channel

Leopards of Bollywood documents and searches for reasons behind the spate of leopard attacks in Mumbai.

The Lions of Gir

Lions of Gir portrays the constant struggle for survival by the lions in face of encroachments and droughts, and explores the relationship of the tribals with the mighty beast in the jungles of Gir, in Gujarat.

Operation Hot Pursuiton National Geographic Channel

Operation Hot Pursuit tracks the illicit trade in ivory across Asia. Trade in wildlife is second only to the illegal trade in arms and narcotics, and trade in ivory forms a sizeable portion of it.

The Indian Witch-Hunt on National Geographic Channel

The Indian Witch-Hunt, a one-hour documentary, follows author and journalist Sohaila Kapoor as she investigates a brutal witch-hunt that has taken place in the Northern State of Jharkhand.

Santosh Revisited

A documentary on the status of the girl child in Rajasthan.

A Call Within A Call

A Call Within A Call is a film on Mother Teresa’s beatification.


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