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Born in 2000 when India's biggest state Madhya Pradesh was split in two, Chhattisgarh is one of the country's youngest states. After its inception, Raipur was chosen to be its capital city. However, ten years later, although citizens love their capital, Raipur is straining beyond its resources and capacity. The need for a new capital is evident. 

The Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) has been assigned the job of building India's latest "planned" capital city. The new capital, Naya Raipur will include the best features of capital cities from within India and around the world - be it Chandigarh's planned sectoral layout, or Putrajaya's linear development, Washington DC's people friendly power axis or Ahmedabad's lakes. 

Naya Raipur hopes to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, with 26% allocated for greenery within the city, with underground cables for electricity, water and communication, with world class education and sports facilities and a well planned business district that will attract investors from around the world. The city will also have 225 kilometres of smooth six lane roads, a bus rapid transit system and a rail network - all of which will be easily accessible from any part of the city, via an amenities corridor running from north to south.

Instead of being displaced, 40 villages are being incorporated into the new capital, and the villagers are provided training so that they can also be integrated into the capital. Only 1 village, Rakhi, has been relocated from the capital complex area, for which land has been purchased at market rates and housing for rehabilitation has been provided. Housing is being built for high, medium and low income groups in the new city. This is the first time a city of this scale scale is being constructed with the best features from capital cities across the world.

The film is told through the perspective of 5 young citizens of Raipur who will inherit this city. Their dreams, ambitions and desires drive the story of the making of the future capital: Naya Raipur.
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