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In the city of celluloid dreams, unexpected nightmares abound. A silent stalker lies in wait for the unsuspecting victims. Unfolding in the shadow of Bollywood is a fascinating real life plot. Only in this case, fact is stranger than fiction.

Mumbai is a city of dreams that never sleeps. Bollywood churns out more films than what Hollywood produces every year. The place where fantasy and reality meet and embrace each other. Where dreams sometimes become nightmares. Around the sets lurks a silent stalker. Coming to work can sometimes mean death.

Leopards of Bollywood tells the story of leopards that have struck terror in the suburbs of Mumbai, India's commercial and film hub, popularly known as Bollywood. For the leopards, stray members of cast and crew are easy pickings. There have been more than sixty three attacks on humans in the past three years and the death count is rising.

Leopards of Bollywood follows Prakash Thosre, a senior forest officer and a leopard specialist who is called into the Film City, adjoining the Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai where leopards have wrought fear in the minds of the film crew and the locals. Twenty-four people have been killed due to the leopard attacks. Even as Prakash sets traps to solve the leopard crisis, using the best of his twenty years experience in the field, the attacks continue.

The leopards have adjusted to the intrusion into their space, by turning to human habitation for food, an aberration from their original behaviour. Leopards of Bollywood, captures Prakash's difficult and dangerous assignment to resolve a nasty man-animal conflict.

A story of fear, manipulation, retaliation and revenge and the fight against odds, this story about tracking the leopards is interestingly juxtaposed with the film shootings happening around the film city.

Leopards of Bollywood has been produced for the National Geographic.

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