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Lufthansa Nat Geo Genius is an exciting new quiz show, which aims to find the person who knows the most about our planet. Using the earth as a race track, contestants are challenged on their knowledge of the countries they pass through on a virtual expedition around the world.

The internationally renowned quiz show 'Nat Geo Genius' was originally produced by Granada for the National Geographic Channel. The twenty-seven episode Indian version, produced by Miditech for Group M ESP, is hosted by director and actor Rajat Kapoor.

The contestants race against the clock to circumnavigate the globe and get back to their starting point; while accumulating maximum miles along the way. A dream vacation for two on Lufthansa first class is the ultimate prize, as Rajat puts the travellers to the ultimate test of knowledge in true Nat Geo style.

Watch Lufthansa Nat Geo Genius on the National Geographic Channel every Saturday at 9 PM.

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