Deal Ya No Deal, Miditech’s production for Sony Entertainment Television is based on the hit reality game show, Deal Or No Deal.

The show tests a contestant’s ability to make the right choices and survive in a game of luck, risk and tension, given a choice of 22 cash boxes, which might have anything upto Rupees 1 crore. One by one the player selects a box revealing different amounts of money inside. Add to this, an unseen opponent, ‘the Dealer’, who offers the player cash to buy back their box.

Are they brave enough to go all the way for the 1 crore prize money or do they play safe, make a deal with ‘the Dealer’ and leave the game?

Rajeev Khandelwal, the heart throb of millions, hosts the show.

International versions of “Deal Ya No Deal” have enjoyed high viewership worldwide including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Mexico, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and Thailand.

Deal Ya No Deal is telecast on weekdays on Sony Entertainment Television on Friday 8:00 P.M.

Produced for Sony Entertainment Television