Detective Doll is the Indian adaptation of Legally Blonde. Ayesha or Doll is a young college student who solves cases incidentally and calls herself Detective Doll. She even opens her own Detective Agency.

The cases that she solves are day-to-day issues; and she solves them by using her amazing knowledge about fashion and beauty products, her excellent memory and keen observational skills.

Ayesha, is all of 19, style incarnated, fondly called Doll as she looks one. She is the only child of a multi-millionaire father. She has a dog called Pink Panther, whom she loves to dress up. Anuja, a cute, slightly plump girl is her friend. They are poles apart, but they are close friends.

Anuja is also 19, is Doll’s best friend, they have grown up together. Anuja is more inclined towards studies than Doll and has practically done Doll’s home work for years. Anuja loves ice-creams and chocolates, and Doll bribes her often. She is Doll’s partner in crime.

Jeet Singh Thapar is Doll’s father, in his fifties, he is all a father could be: loving, pampering his daughter. At times he wants to be stern with her, when he thinks that she is going beyond the norms, but knows that his daughter is often in the right. He respects her logic and judgment.

Vikram, 25, is a dentist, handsome, and Doll’s love of life.

Anahita is 19, Doll’s arch-rival in college who is as fashion conscious as Doll. She tries to outdo Doll in whatever she does but ends up making fool of herself most of the times.

Chetan is 20, Doll’s classmate and friend and is a computer-geek.

Gloria is Doll’s Nanny. She is 65 years of age and has been working with Mr. Thapar for the last 30 years.

Inky and Dinky are two sisters fond of Doll and want to be like her. They are extremely dumb girls who help Doll in her cases.