Galli Galli Sim Sim season two is back with lots more fun and learning! Packed with games, muppet adventures, travel to exotic locales, animated characters and talented kids from different parts of India and the world, the show has been designed to increase interactivity.
With every episode centered around a theme, and focusing on early childhood educational objectives, life on the Galli promises to draw kids and hold them in a warm embrace.
This season, kids will get to make many more muppet friends as new residents arrive on the Galli – the Bollywood star of the galli Akshar Kumar, the grouchy but lovable Kewal Khadoosa, the enthusiastic and helpful bird Zoonie, the squabbling sheep duo Ba and Baba, the aspiring singer Denchoo the donkey and Rengu Rani the worm.
Also giving the muppets company is a successful and motivated professional Revathy – a human character.

The new Muppet ‘Akshar Kumar’ will teach the ‘Letter of the day’ in an fun and interactive manner and kids will also be introduced to math through recurring animated characters. Boombah’s alter ego – ‘Sabzimaan’ will munch on a carrot and encourage kids to develop healthy eating habits.

The show includes interactive formats where game shows, exploring science through Chamki’s detective persona and going on journeys to fantastic lands far away with Aanchoo are sure to keep children engaged and entertained.

So kids, park those tricycles and gear up for an absolutely fun-filled kiddie extravaganza. Be prepared to get tangled in shapes, or for an adventure in outer space… for, in this Galli, there is definitely something special for all you little ones!

Currently on air on Cartoon Network and Pogo.