Here is a reality show that breaks totally free from the existing clutter in the reality genre. High on the entertainment quotient- it hooks you instantly. MTV Girls Night Out is woven around an instinct that’s almost universal- fear; Fear of what, you ask? Fear Of The Unknown. Contestants are seen across spooky, eerie and haunted locations across the length & breadth of the country. These are spaces that have a past, spaces that have stories to tell, should the walls speak- they would shake every cell in your being.

In each episode we meet three charming and beautiful girls against the backdrop of a haunted location. The girls have a tough task ahead of them- they need to survive the entire night in these spooky and eerie locations. Helping them is the anchor and a team of paranormal investigators, known as GRIP.

The show judges the girls’ fear quotient, team spirit and presence of mind in adverse conditions. Conquering their fear will be their goal during the show. Their fears, emotions, beliefs and past experiences will shape up their actions and reactions during that one night. So get ready for a roller coaster and a rather spooky ride with MTV Girls Night Out.

The show airs on MTV.