Daily Soap Opera
72 x 30 mins

Hindi Hai Hum was a daily soap that aired on the new Indian channel Real TV. It is a story centred on India’s youth.
Hindi Hai Hum is the story about a girl named Bubbly from the small town of Nahan. She knows everything very well but is poor in English. Due to this, Rahul denies to marry her. Considering this, she decides to learn English. She reaches to Pereira English Academy to learn English.
A drama which brings to the forefront the underlying spirit of unity amongst India’s youth. This is a heartwarming story of Bubbly, an innocent yet confident tourist guide.

The story brings out the theme of the unity even after having all the differences like language, ideologies, geography, religious beliefs & community and makes all these twists & differences global. Riddhi Dogra played the main lead of Bubbly in the show, while Deeya Chopra played the character of Loveline. Loveline is a rich, happy go lucky, stylish girl who is till now not aware of the tougher side of life. She is lovely, sweet and is newly married. Karan Hukku and Punnet Panjwani were also part of the cast. Punnet plays the characters of Loveline’s husband who is a small town boy but has learnt the art of big city living.
The show has a lot of madness in it. It is wittily scripted. It also showcases the pride that these characters have in being Indians. It was the story of a girl named Bubbly Tripathi. She belonged to a small town of Nahaan in Uttaranchal and had grown up believing Nahaan to be her world according to her father, Brijeshwar. She lives happily with her family. But, her mother Kamla is very ambitious and has a wish for an entirely different life for her 2 daughters. She wanted them to get married in a super-rich family as portrayed in her favourite TV serials. She also believes that people who think and speak English are ahead in life. She wanted Bubbly to get married to an English speaking group who lives in a big house in some big city. Bubbly knows everything very well, but she is poor in English due to which Rahul denies to marry her.
Because of this, she makes a decision to learn English, and for this, she reaches Pereira English Academy of Mumbai. After coming to Mumbai, in the course of learning English, she meets people belonging to different walks of life who are unhappy with their individual India. They think that learning English can provide them with the sophistication that is required to deal with their day to day challenges and help them to escape from their individual world & build a better life which means setting in abroad for some, marrying a foreigner for some, and even finding a job in multinational for some.
Their journey starts at Pereira English Academy which is full of confidence building and inner conflict. During this trip, through happy coincidences, they realise that their biggest advantage is that they are Indian. Everything found in India is unique and has a touch of India like even English spoken in India is greatly influenced by regional languages. Hindi Hai Hum basically brings the theme of unity to the forefront. The story has a critical point where all characters face a difficult choice, whether to stay united or to go their own way. They all remain together, exactly like different parts of India, with confidence and ready to fight a united battle to become victorious.
• Riddhi Dogra…Bubbly
• Deeya Chopra…Lovline
• Puneet Panjwani
• Karan Hukku