He is the gangster who introduced AK-47 assault rifle to the streets of Hong Kong. Fond of spraying bullets from it above Hong Kong’s crowded streets while robbing jewellery stores, Yip Kai Foon, at the peak of his career, had a bounty of HKD 1 million on his head.

But that’s not the reason why he gained notoriety. Yi Kai Foon was an escape artist par excellence. Slippery as an eel, he was caught and incarcerated by the Hong Kong police in a Sting Operation. But before the Police could gloat over their catch, Yip staged a dramatic escape – he faked appendicitis, got himself transferred to hospital, jumped his two police guards with broken bottles in the toilet and made off in a waiting van.

Known as The Man with The Dog Fangs, the biopic follows the Yip’s thieving career – right from his formative years to his current condition as a paraplegic in a maximum security prison. The film recreates his daring adventures, heists & escapes, as he dodges, tempts & taunts the Police… almost every time a step ahead in their elaborate cat-and-mouse games on the streets of Hong Kong. All until that fateful day when four bullets from a rookie cop shattered his spine, paralyzing him forever – the famous gun battle with the police in 1996 when his life of crime came to an abrupt end! He is now imprisoned in the Stanley prison in Hong Kong.

These will be dramatically recreated each time with interviews from witnesses, the police, renowned criminologists and journalists who followed his crime spree. Narrated in chronology, the narrative of each heist describes the network he used, the planning and his outrageous execution. But, it’s not all about the action and the adrenaline. Through a detailed analysis of Yip’s life, the film will attempt to understand the man and his criminal mind.

Who is Yip Kai Foon? What was his childhood like? Why did he turn to a life of crime? What made him one of the most feared gangsters of Hong Kong?

Shot mostly on actual locations, the film will visually be a mix of stylised dramatic reconstructions & extensive archive material from newspaper & television reportage.

For AETN- Crime & Investigation, Asia