Hum 2 Hain Na has been adapted from the famous Latin American series a Televisa production- ‘Complices al Rescate’ (Friends to the rescue).

‘Complices al Rescate’ has been a huge success throughout Latin America and Puerto Rico. The show brings to young audiences a wonderfully entertaining adventure that delivers suspense, non-stop surprises and a positive message about friendship and family values. Hum 2 Hain Na is a heartwarming story of two thirteen year old girls – Kareena and Koel, identical twins separated shortly after birth.

They are brought together by their passion for music. Kareena and Koel are been raised in worlds poles apart, but destiny miraculously brings them together and here begins their story full of smiles and tears, fun and friendship.

Kareena has been brought up amidst riches and luxuries and lives in a fashionable, elegant mansion with her parents Anand and Shyla Dhanrajgir. Kareena has grown up to be a rich but lonely girl who dreams of becoming a famous singer one day. Koel, on the other hand, grows up as a simple middle class girl brought up by her mother, Anjali. Koel is gifted with an enchanting voice and her best friend is her ‘talking dog’ Bruno, a dog with a super cool attitude!

Koel and Kareena are absolutely unaware of each other’s existence till such time that fate intervenes and the girls coincidentally meet. Oblivious to the fact that they are twin sisters, the two discover an uncanny resemblance to each other even though their personalities are opposites. They very soon develop a strong bond of love and friendship but decide to keep their newfound relationship a secret.

Produced for Sony Entertainment Television