Indian Footprints showcases the splendor that is India: following the Spice Route with Vasco da Gama to the languorous backwaters of Cochin in the state of Kerala, to a weekend getaway at the breath-taking ruins of Neemrana Fort in Rajastan…

Capturing India at it’s subtlest, Indian Footprints a stunning visual journey of India. Packed with fascinating details and information, Indian Footprints treads the path to little known destinations of great scenic, historical and even mythological significance.

Each of the twenty-six episodes in this series open the door to exotic festivals and rituals, with some useful travel advice.

With this show, one travels beyond the India of clichés, unearthing the secrets of time buried under 3.2 million sq. km. of the subcontinent. The show takes you from the majestic Himalayas to verdant forests and golden desert scapes, discovering the complex identities of the Indian people, their cultures and sub-cultures.