INDIA’S GAME CHANGERS play out in many ways. They come from different backgrounds and have varied skill sets. Mavericks. Risk lovers. Rebellious. Youthful. They are changing the face of how we shop, live, travel and have fun by creating exciting new Brand India Startups that are taking the world by storm.

With unique access, INDIA’S GAME CHANGERS looks at Brand India’s biggest and brightest startups. Anchored by Niret Alva, we get an insider’s view of the Founder’s vision, their teams, unique business model, marketing strategy and the highly dynamic and challenging business of Startups. It features companies from different business sectors; travel, education, hospitality, entertainment, fashion etc that are quietly disrupting traditional industries and paving the way for new opportunities.

INDIA’S GAME CHANGERS profiles a big player each week to get a 360 view of the Indian Startup ecosystem. A bullish investor; a mentor, a startup guru, policy makers.

Get up close and personal with entrepreneurs who are changing the way we work, play, spend our free time, eat and live and through this experience what’s trending with the urban, rich and hip Indian.