On 26th November 2008, 10 gunmen strike Mumbai with military precision. They kill at will, take hostages, preferably Americans, Britishers & Jews, target the economic capital of India and grab international attention. Over 60 hours they paralyse a city of 19 million, killing 166 people and injuring 304. With strategic support from forces unseen, unknown!

A terror strike that almost brings 2 nuclear states to the brink of war!

Inside : Mumbai Terror Attack revisits those 60 hours, through a young American couple who escape terror twice, but a retired Indian banker held hostage in his hotel room by four gunmen, a seasoned cop put in charge of the Police reaction and the Special Forces Counter-terror unit called in to neutralize the terrorists.

After the siege, the film follows the investigation to reveal a meticulously planned master plan, its bloody execution and a delayed yet brave fight back with a dramatic rescue. The film also plots intelligence lapses & administrative failures before and during the siege – trigger points that combined to catalyse a catastrophe.

Inside: Mumbai Terror Attack is a definitive account of a 60 hour siege that took India’s largest city by storm.