Kahani Jurm Ki brings crime stories based on real life events to the screen. Blending the fictive and real elements, Kahani Jurrm Ki presents a picture of the crime as it happens.

The sutradhar, or the presenter, arrives at the scene of the crime, an onlooker who appears to know what is about to happen. He also reminds us of the social role that we can play to ensure that the horrific crimes that are dealt with in the series do not happen to us.

At the same time, he also works as a psychological relief for us, bailing us out of the stark sequences witnessed on the serial.

Kahani Jurrm Ki weaves together various aspects of a crime; as reported in newspapers, police case files, and interviews with victims, reporters and police personnel; elements of different cases are patched together to tell a poignant tale.

Each story makes us aware not just of our own vulnerability, but also that we, perhaps through ignorance or even indifference, are a part of the problem. That in some cases, the evil-doer is even a victim himself.

Kahani Jurrm Ki, produced for STAR PLUS, is on air on Star Utsav