Kyunki… Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai is among the biggest and one of the most highly rated entertainment education program on Indian television. Working within the parameters of the soap genre ‘Kyunki’ has taken television programming to another level pushing the envelope of entertainment education by raking in unheard of TRP ratings.

Played in a rural set up, the series follows the lives of six protagonists through intricately woven dramatic stories that seamlessly blend serious messaging into the narrative. The show has struck a right chord with viewers by scoring high on entertainment and providing them with their daily dose of drama along with information which can be potentially life saving in many instances.

The messages are primarily taken from the UNICEF’s ‘Fact for Life’ and are focused on providing viewers with the information they need to save and improve the lives of children and women. They also include girls’ education, social inclusion and HIV AIDS.

One of the noteworthy achievements of ‘Kyunki…’ is that it has been launched and produced entirely out of Delhi and enjoys a repertory of 300 actors. Keeping abreast of viewer tastes the show has glossy sets but keeps it real by shooting on location in a village, now popularly called the ‘Kyunki’ village – with one person from each of the 150 households having appeared on the show at some point.

The show differs from other ‘saas-bahu’ sagas by managing to break gender stereotypes and attracting a growing audience amongst men.

‘Kyunki’s biggest achievement however is that since its launch it has managed to move the baselines and is effecting positive behaviour change amongst its audience. After watching the show more mothers are going for ANC check ups and both parents are taking their infants for immunization among other positive changes.

Its growing popularity amongst viewers has ensured that the show has entered Season 2 seamlessly without a break.

The program is broadcast on Doordarshan.