Miditech’s latest production on Zoom is a celebrity chat show, “Lets Talk”, hosted by popular Actor and Anchor Tarana. This show taps into the long relationships that Miditech has developed reporting on the Mumbai film industry through the highly successful series “Main Hoon”.

In “Lets Talk”, the hottest film stars get candid about forthcoming projects, hobbies & gossip, people dearest to them, and to an extent, the inner wheelings and dealings in the life of Bollywood. They take us on a candid trip down memory lane as they share their experiences with an anchor who has a talent for incisive interviews and asking searching questions without making the stars uncomfortable. The anchor is never in awe of the stars, as in other film based shows and has a one-on-one approach to these interactions. This makes the content much more approachable and the stars a lot more relatable on a personal level, without diminishing their celebrity status at all.

The settings are always pleasant and classy, and we see a star on clean, comfortable, green [in most cases] locations. For viewers it’s as if we are with them while they chat informally.

We already know the celebrity as a star. Now we get to know them more intimately – as a person as they share facts that are not ordinarily known about them.

The show is meant to be light and entertaining rather than deeply analytical and it is designed to fit in well with the channels’ approach to celeb driven shows.