Limited Edition features all the luxury and exotica money can buy. Featuring top brands and indulgences of the rich and famous, the latest high end products and the people who buy them and sell them, the show brings high life to the discerning viewer.

Limited Edition showcases new products in the luxury market, ranging from a high priced (read highly coveted) exotic brand of chocolate, the latest designer diamonds or a luxurious Lazy-Boy sofa. The show brings to the viewer snapshots of the glitz that epitomizes the high life – from million dollar furnishings to exotic water beds.

The Rolls Royce, Ferretti Yachts, Christian Dior, Taj presidential suite and Corporate Jets, Leiber bags, Vertu mobile phones and Valentino are some of the super luxury brands and products that already feature on the show.

The first episode sets the tone for the entire series. It presents an overview of the luxury market in india and the massive boom it has witnessed in the past few years. It briefly takes us through the evolution of the market, marking out significant events and people that transformed the industry.

Anchored by Actor Perizaad Zorabian, this weekly, half hour show consists of three segments of seven minute duration. Every segment explores a different story: perspectives from clients, customers, celebrity endorsers who share thoughts on the unique, exclusive features of the product / brand and comment on its’ luxe quotient. The anchor threads these segments together. In addition, each episode has a quick 90 seconder on the Top five brands in a given genre. Each episode also features a brand ambassador who directly addresses the audience, and introduces and endorses his / her brand.

Watch Limited Edition on NDTV Good Times on 22 March 2008, Saturday 10 PM. Regular telecast follows every Sunday 9pm.