Substitute the roar with an occasional grunt. Substitute the kingdom with a fast diminishing territory. Substitute, in fact, all the trappings of royalty with an endangered apparatus of survival. Only then will you begin to perceive the pathos of the lions of Gir Sanctuary and National Park in Gujarat.

The Lions of Gir is a 52-minute film on the last surviving Asiatic lions in the forests of Gir in the state of Gujarat.

The Lions of Gir tracks and documents the life of the 26- strong pride over a year. The film, shot on 16 mm celluloid, is the culmination of about two years of tracking and filming.

The interface between the lions and the human population is another thing that sets this film apart. It is because of the success of conservation efforts and human encroachment on their habitat, that the lions are being forced to look for new habitat. A classic portrayal of the man – animal conflict, the film captures the fight for survival played out each day between the lions and Maladhari tribe’s people.