M.A.D. is a unique, refreshingly original and exciting series for pre-adolescent children. Each week, with the help of a couple of mini M.A.D. kids, our hosts explore a theme through music, art and dance. Whether it be using familiar items to create innovative and engaging things, trying stunts like using their whole bodies as paintbrushes, creating musical acrobatics and rhythmic dancing or looking through the viewers gallery, we always take our audience with us, encouraging kids to re-evaluate the things they see and hear every day.

Artist Rob creates amazing and fun items on and out of anything that takes his fancy- fantastic pictures, images, models and playthings using paint, chalk, pencils, oil, food, paper, lights, boxes, dye, water, clothes, people… you name it! Any size from A4 to 40ft.

Dancer Candy is always very, very energetic trying out new moves. From routines to striking poses, choreographed or freestyle, always exploring movement – she might teach you a few steps, learn some new ones from a guest or just come up with something fun to do that gets you on your feet. And she pops up throughout the program giving MAD facts and info.

Music comes from our 3-piece band. They don’t say much but they make a lot of noise. They are as happy playing proper instruments as they are using household items to make a rhythm. Sometimes they’ll all try and play the bass at the same time or just hit each other until somebody squawks in tune.

The programme’s success is in it’s ability to talk to growing children about facts, fun and creativity while engaging their imagination with exciting concepts popular amongst the age group.

Produced for POGO