Teerth Yatras or spiritual journeys find a new meaning as the hunt for India’s ideal son / daughter begins.

Mahayatra is an original reality show format, which tests the emotional bond between parents and their children in extreme situations as they embark on a spiritual quest. With high stakes involved, the show is set against the backdrop of a pilgrimage to the Chardhams (four sacred spots) mentioned in Hindu scriptures. The children face situations and tasks that challenge them spiritually, physically and emotionally as they endeavor to complete this Mahayatra with their parents. As the children compete against each other, their choices come under the scanner and they are forced to reveal their true worth and what they really feel.

The show is steeped in Indian culture, history and tradition. Each of the locations is of religious significance and the larger than life backdrop of the show connects with all viewers, irrespective of age and profile.

At a seminal level, Mahayatra is inspired by Shravan Kumar, who carried his aging parents on his shoulders, using a bamboo stick and a basket at each end, taking them on a pilgrimage.

Pre-production of this series took 3 months, which included a recce of 32 places of religious significance. 28000 km were traversed from Rameshwaram to Dwarka, Badrinath to Puri. All this with a crew that sometimes swelled to over 350. From charter flights to trains and buses, boats and helicopters, the crew used almost every means of transport possible. From extreme heat in Varanasi leading to crew members fainting, to cyclonic showers in Orissa; From landslides in the Himalayas to suddenly changing sea tides in Dwarka, the team experienced it all!

The show is intense with deeply engaging play-outs of complex relationships between parents and their children. This reality series has the un-predictability of a soap with the dynamism and pace of a reality series as the children compete in various tasks and challenges. Spread across diverse locations that enthrall in their breathtaking scenic beauty, Mahayatra offers an insight into the deeper journey within, that each of us embarks on, as we pass through life.

The program is telecast on Star Plus.