Watch Sunita Rodrigues in a brand new half hour show, ‘ Meals on the Run’, where she brings you the best of quick and easy home cooking. Her take on modern Indian food with a dash of international fare make for easy exotic meals, is certain to leave your family in awe of your culinary abilities. Each episode features Sunita crafting a scrumptious theme based meal, be it for colleagues, boss, friends or family over to dinner. Learn how to prepare quick delicacies even when faced with the everyday challenge in getting kids to eat nutritious food. As this mum of two shows us, with creativity and ingenuity, even the healthiest of food can be transformed into tantalizing eats! Sunita’s food philosophy is one that would bode well with any foodie, “anybody can cook as long as you have a passion for it. You have to cook with love. That love comes out with every spoonful.”