Punked, the international hit show on MTV, comes to India as Bajao’D.

Play a prank on celebrities. MTV Bajao’D just does that with Master prankster Sajid Khan, who spares no one, and at times even has them crying. The reality show with a razor’s edge makes favourite icons suffer for vicarious viewing pleasure. A show with guns and knives, cops and robbers and goons thrown in for good measure making them to sweat in the cold, curdle the blood and shed copious tears.

Bajao’D is a reality show with a difference, and the pranks are just that: practical jokes with some stars, catching them unawares, at the wrong place and at right time. Bajao’D has no re-takes; only unlimited masti at the expense of the stars. An unscripted battle of wits. Where the twists and the turns, the climax and the suspense are not in control.