The word library always hits the wrong note in every one of us. But this time this very word will come to represent MTV’s unique reality game show.

In this show six friends will pull off outrageous, hysterical and fun stunts on each other while a hotter-than-hell librarian keeps tab of the noise level.

Six friends, one team, few bizarre tasks – All inside one library with a keeper who can tolerate anything but noise. For every task the contestant will draw six cards and the ‘victim’ will endure the most unimaginable, and painful tasks inside this very library.

But, their success doesn’t come that easy and in this case it will depend on whether they are able to control their screams of pain and squeals of laughter. And if they are unable to do so and even one of them burst into guffaws or the victim gives in to the agony and screams, they will taste nothing but failure.

MTV’s audience is in for a season of hysteria as they sit through episodes of ‘MTV Loudless’ where the only guiding rule for the contestants is silence and the only guarantee for the audience is entertainment!

The show airs on MTVow airs on MTV