The Villain – Alambush

The Prize – The All Powerful Prism

The Obstacle – The Ninja Pandav

Ninja Pandav is a youthful martial arts saga about five teen experts on a mission to save the world from destruction. In the classic tale of good vs. evil, the five teen heroes use their unique traits to create a gripping fantasy drama set in contemporary times.

Chased by the Black Ninjas, the five Pandavs flee their Himalayan monastery and find shelter in Mumbai where they have to adjust to the strange city life whilst keeping their true identities a secret. Their mission is to protect the all powerful ‘Prism’ from the evil designs of Alambush, and reinstate it in its rightful place in the Himalayas.

Will the five be successful in their mission or will they succumb to the temptations of city life and forget who they really are?

The five pandavs have been played by a group of extremely talented youngsters. The youngest member, Nakul is played by Sahil Deshmukh, Arjun’s role is essayed by Vishal Thakkar, Sahyadari’s role by the delightful Pooja Pihal, Satya is played by Sumeet Pathak and Ghattu is played by Jay Thakkar.

The evil Alam-Bush is played by Nawab Shah.