Turner Entertainment Networks Asia’s (Tena) kids’ channel Pogo, created specifically for the Indian market has shows like M.A.D (Music Art Dance), on its network which is soaring in popularity

This year the PAKA ( Pogo Amazing Kids Award ) has grown from a one night event to an entire series of 19 parts, Produced by Miditech. The series will showcase the most amazingly talented kids in 8 categories.

The categories are music, dance, singing, genius, leadership, entertainment, sports and arts. The kids are selected on the basis of their achievements from all over the country. The short listed kids will then go through a process of auditions and 5 kids in each category will then be profiled on video. The aim of PAKA is to felicitate young achievers and encourage them to excel in their fields.

The five kids in each category who have been selected after an intense scrutiny under the eagle eye of our local experts and Derek O’Brien will then be judged in Mumbai by experts in their respective fields. Out of these talented kids only 3 will make it to POGO studios and only one will be the Pogo Amazing kid of 2006!