Walt Disney’s Playhouse Disney is a unique show designed to teach pre-schoolers a variety of skills through story telling, music, dance and other fun activities. Imagination and learning go hand in hand. Understanding the child’s mind help put together a program that explores and impacts upon the social, ethical, academic and emotional growth of children.

Playhouse Disney promotes all aspects of a pre-schooler’s development by stimulating critical thinking skills fostering fact-based learning. It also instills moral, social and emotional lessons encouraging creativity and artistic expression, and promoting physical development. The purpose is to be responsive to young children’s curiosity and their creativity.

The program has presenters working in studio, making things, singing, telling stories and playing. Several other segments are filmed in traffic parks, zoos, and railway museums to familiarise children with nature and animals; day to day skills like safety, healthy eating and good hygiene.

Other sections have children involved in activities with their playmates. The physical activities help develop co-ordination and control of movement. Children are filmed participating in activities around the house, in parks and childcare centers – finger painting, helping to make salad, giving their dog a bath, making castles in a large sandpit. These short segments help them learn to cooperate with others, solve everyday problems, understand shapes, language, patterns as well as facts about our world.

Produced for Disney Channel