7 Nights of Poker Face and 1 Crorepati!

A Quiz Show?

A Game of Bluff?

Or, Both?

Blazing its way successfully through 12 countries, POKER FACE, the internationally popular quiz-game show is now in India!

For the first time in India, One Indian will take away Rupees 1 Crore in just 7 days, guaranteed. The inimitable Sharman Joshi, who makes his debut on television, with Poker Face on REAL, will host the show.

A power packed, fun filled show that makes ordinary people real heroes, Poker Face tests knowledge against nerves, skill against presence of mind and ultimately truth against deception. It tests not only your aptitude, but also your ability to con and deceive your way to the BIG cash prize!

For the first time in a quiz show, it does not matter how many answers you get right, you can still be in, with a chance of winning the jackpot of Rupees 1 Crore if you keep a Poker Face.

In the game, when a contestant does not want another contestant to know whether she or he knows the answer, she/ he will mask their expression, that’ s called a Poker Face. We also use this technique in many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Which is why the one who keeps the best Poker Face has the best chance of winning.

Poker Face is scheduled over all 7 days of the week. Beginning from Monday right upto Saturday, 6 ordinary people with extraordinary powers of deception compete in each round each day. Each contestant knows only his or her individual score. Each contestant attempts to make the others leave the game or pack by boasting about how well they are doing. But the one to hold his nerve till the end wins the Rs 10 lakhs daily prize.

The excitement does not stop here – On the Sunday finale, the 6 Poker Faces of the week come back to stake their winnings of Rs.10 lakhs each for the grand prize of Rs 1 crore and with that win the crown of master Poker Face!

Each episode will have contestants from varied backgrounds pitted against one another. From good bluffers like lawyers and actors… to risk takers like stock brokers… From young students and housewives who are in need of money… to astrologers and members of the MENSA… each contestant will be strikingly different from the other.

Sharman Joshi
With his pleasing personality and easy charm, Sharman plays the perfect host on Poker Face, putting contestants at ease and helping them navigate the game.

Sharman has been a successful theatre artist and is widely known for his work in Hindi films like Rang De Basanti, Life in a Metro and Golmaal.

Poker Face ranked # 1 in its time slot in UK, Australia, Colombia, Norway, Sweden and Hungary. Owned by Fremantle Media, one of the largest international creators & producers of entertainment brands in the world, Poker Face has been produced by Miditech for REAL. Poker Face will showcase state of the art television production techniques combined with high quality entertainment.