Children don’t seem to be studying science anymore. It’s too dry, it’s too difficult – there seem to be many easier and more interesting options.

Science mein twist is a fun science show that tries to make science exciting and accessible for children. The target audience is children in the 8th to 10th standards. Keeping this in mind the show is hosted by a 13-year-old boy, Aavik and a 16 yr old girl, Khyati. These kids are bitten by the curiosity bug and are all set to explore different aspects of science. In this journey they play scientific pranks on one another, meet experts, visit labs, factories and even go on a trek.

The series has 10 episodes that cover a series of different topics varying from sound to space, from genetics to geoscience. Each episode has a series of energetic, interesting experiments through which the child can understand different aspects of science. These vary from making a hot air balloon to understand convection, figuring out how to make a tree sing to understand how sound travels, painting using lights to understand colour or lighting a bulb using lemons to see that chemistry is everywhere!

The children on the show also go out to explore various ways science is key to the way we live our lives. It could be a visit to a lab to see how the malaria vaccine is being made, studying acoustics in a movie theatre or riding a roller coaster in an amusement park to understand mechanics. The show also tries to show that science is universal – not just for the city kid, so there are interesting aspects of science in villages that has been woven into the show – a clay refrigerator, a cycle that generates electricity, water harvesting in Himalayan villages. Some cutting edge, futuristic developments in science have also woven into the episode to excite the child into exploring career options in science.

Science Mein Twist is not about formulas or textbooks; it tries to make science vibrant and fun and highlight how science powers most things in our everyday life. It’s a cool, fun way to approach science that will resonate with children all over.

This show will be telecast on National Geographic Channel.