Somewhere in India a young newly wed begins her married life in hiding, living as a fugitive from the family she loves. What should be the happiest time of her life has become a terrible nightmare.

For thousands of young women across India what begins as a tale of romance leads to the un-imaginable. As fathers, uncles and brothers turn killers…

All in the name of honour.

This film follows the lives of two such women, Anuradha and Prathiba, who are living in fear, paying the price of making a choice against their parents’ wishes. Based in contrasting parts of India, the two are struggling to find peace and happiness. Living each day in fear and trying to get by safely. The film also documents the struggle of families left distraught by brutal honour killings, to fight what seems like a never-ending battle for justice.

Despite the Supreme Court ban on informal community committees or KhapPanchayats, they still function fearlessly. By speaking to these self-proclaimed community leaders and protectors of ‘traditions’, this film exposesthe role of these kangaroo courts,in honour killings.

Locked in this life or death battle, can these lovers find the freedom to love?