Singing Reality Show
26x1Hr + 29×30 mins

SitaronKoChoona Hai is a reality singing show that airedon REALand premiered on 9 March 2009. Set up in a singing academy, the show had a great mix of performances and in academy reality as the relationships between contestants develop. Viewers also get to see just what it takes to become a professional singer, with the classes in the academy and vocal training being an important part of the show.
The Academy is headed by the bald Raghu Ram who has also been involved in MTV Roadies. Accompanying Raghu are singer and performer, Neha Bhasin of the Viva fame and voice coach Prashant Samadhar.
SitaronKoChoona Hai started on March 9 on Real TV with an aim to create singing sensations out of untapped talent. Twelve young and talented singers followed a harsh daily regimen under the strict tutelage of a disciplinarian Head of the Academy. To help them on this journey, the head of the Academy blunt and straight forward Raghu Ram of the MTV Roadies fame brought a faculty that helped them in their journey to become stars. Accompanying Raghu were singer and performer, Neha Bhasin of the Viva fame and voice coach Prashant Samadhar. Together, the trio guided the 12 hopefuls in realizing their full potential at the academy.
“This is a show that has made winners out of all 12 participants who go away with real learnings. In the end the one top spot has been claimed by the one who has been able to consistently upscale his skills to really touch the stars!” says ChandramouliBasu, Producer, Miditech
“Though Yashraj was declared the winner, but I feel most of the contestants were the winners in the true sense. Their journey from unsure amateurs to confident, dazzling performance was a pleasure to watch” , says Raghu Ram, Judge- SitaronKoChoona Hai.
Commenting on his success, Yashraj feels “It was a complete lifetime experience for me. My parents and I have waited for this moment for a ling time and finally we’re elated that I have won. Beyond my win, the show has given each one of us contestants new individual identities as a singer, performer and as a good human being.