Skatoony, like any good show, works on many levels. The first round, ‘Jhakaas Ya Bakwaas’ offers an array of interesting and astonishing facts on nature, science, history and more.

Regular rounds also include ‘Duniya Topi Mein’, where contestants are asked questions relevant to three particular countries and the answer is in wearing the hat belonging to that country. In ‘Danger Box’ contestants must eat something “dangerous” (like dried caterpillars or raw spinach leaves) from the three options presented to them before they answer.

‘Ande ka Funda’ requires contestants to break eggs on their heads in order to earn bonus points. ‘Taaza Tabeley Se’ should not need too many guesses.

A unique facet of this show is that it skillfully and aesthetically combines live action with animation. All in all, it’s a fun and refreshing series which educates as it entertains.

Every Sunday at 9.30 AM on Cartoon Network.