Super Dude is a reality show in which 13 boys from different parts of India contest against each other to prove their ability to impress the girls on the show. They do this through various tasks and challenges. Their mentor and ‘guru of flirting’, Ashmit Patel, Sofia Hyatt and the anchor, Madhura Naik, guide them through out the show. The 13 contestants are divided into two groups; the ‘good boys’ and the ‘bad boys’. The tips given by Ashmit and Sofia will be put to use by the contestants where they will show what they have learnt. The tasks start off simple (getting the girls’ facebook Id) and gradually gets tougher (getting their residential address) as the show progresses. Before their elimination round, the boys’ are given a chance to practice on Sofia afterwhich they are critiqued before they perform in the final. The person who scores the lowest in the task per episode will be eliminated. Through this process of elimination there will remain only one contestant who will be awarded as the Super Dude of the season.