A tale of lies, deceit, fraud and cold-blooded murder set against the backdrop of one of Hong Kong’s biggest bank scandals

In the monsoons of July, 1983, the body of a young male is discovered with a towelling cord around his neck, in the overgrown plantations of Hong Kong’s New Territories. No wallet, no ID… just a Malaysian coin caught in the lining of his trousers. The Police have no idea who he is or even how he got there. It takes them 24 hours to get an ID on the dead man – Jalil Ibrahim, a young banker with Malaysia’s Bank of Bumiputra on a business trip to Hong Kong. He was reported missing by a colleague the previous day.

The Police don’t know have much to go on, until they stumble upon the banker’s personal diaries and letters. They reveal a troubled state of mind and suggest that the banker may have been onto something big. As the Police study his correspondence, they begin to suspect that Jalil may have discovered fatal secrets – financial irregularities and dangerous liaisons which if revealed could not only threaten his life but also destroy his bank and compromise his country. And in all probability, Jalil’s fears had come true – the banker had been silenced before he could blow the whistle. The banker knew too much.

But what did he know and why was he murdered for it? What was he investigating? Who did he meet in Hong Kong? When and where was he last seen alive? Why did he fear for his life? Was he being blackmailed? What were his last words? How high were the stakes? Will the mystery ever really be truly solved?

The murder of an honest banker, Jalil Ibrahim is revisited 27 years later through various key persons involved with the case – the widow of Jalil in Malaysia, a Senior Crime Reporter who tracked the story from the very beginning now in London; a court reporter and a financial journalist who followed the legal proceedings and the implications of the financial scam across Hong Kong and Malaysia. They are some of the key characters who take us through this tale of deceit, intrigue, fraud and murder. Each of their recollections helps take the story just a little further and bit by bit, like the pieces of a puzzle, the final picture emerges. The film will also tracks the fallout of Jalil’s murder – the fall of the Bank of Bumiputra and the crash of Carrian, a real estate company that went down in the record books as HK’s largest bankruptcy case.

Shot mostly on actual locations, the film will visually be a mix of stylised dramatic reconstructions & extensive archive material from newspaper & television reportage.

For AETN -Crime & Investigation, Asia