An estimated 300 million students are enrolled in schools across the country, as opposed to only 2 million seats available at the university level. The Maths Show is first of it’s kind anchor based show to educate and guide math students of class 9, 10, 11 and 12 respectively.

A joint collaboration with Network 18, the show decodes school level maths both theoretically as well as practically. The motive of this show is to aid students crack their exams and to give them a better chance at entrance at the University level.

The Maths Show is hosted by two of the best mathematical minds of the country: Dr. Shankar Venkatagiri, and Mr. Pavan Chahan; with over 15 years of teaching mathematics.

Dr. Venkatagiri holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Georgia Tech, and is currently a Professor of Quantitative Methods at IIM Bangalore. Mr. Pavan Chauhan holds a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering and is an MBA from IIM Bangalore

Experts, psychologists, students calling in, examiners are all an integral part of the show, giving it’s viewers the all important edge.

To watch the show, tune into Topper, Monday to Friday at 1 P.M.