Everything that one always want to drive and can not is now on Top Drive. Top Drive is a show that talks about the best and snazziest automobiles on offer. The only show that introduces the new comers, tests the old players and breaks news, specially tailor made for favourite vehicles. And if this is not enough, it also features zipping celebrities on their own set of favorite wheels.

Top Drive is a half hour magazine format program. What distinguishes it immediately from other car and bike review shows is the fact that not only does it conduct road tests on the latest Indian automobiles but it also keeps viewers informed on the latest ‘buzz’ in the international arena.

Each week, Top Drive opens with a review of the latest car launch in the Indian market. From rating the climate control in the new Mercedes E Class, to putting the latest Vectra through its paces, to finding out whether Tata’s Indigo is really going to pamper our senses; the Car section keeps one abreast on all there is to know on the latest players in the car world.

The fast paced ‘Buzz’ section showcases the latest in automobiles across the world. The latest Mercedes S Class that seduces the automobile world, safe car technology that is being pitched as the most advanced and crash resistant feature to hit the international car market.

In addition, the show features the latest automobile gizmos and gives tips and valuable advice to keep the wheels rolling. Converting a mid size car to a convertible, investing in the most advanced sound system for a car, choosing the safest wheels; all of this and much more.

Produced for Star World