A regular rafting trip down the Zanskar turns into a terrifying life and death struggle for 12 rafters, when a sudden cloudburst in Leh, traps the team in the Himalayas.

Flash floods and massive mudslides have turned the pretty river into a giant monster breathing Level 5+ rapids. Chunks of mountains regularly crash into the waters. The team can’t find a place to bank, as all the beaches have been washed away. And when they do, they discover that all roads or trails to civilization have disappeared. They can’t leave the river and trek up the mountains, the choppers on rescue sorties can’t come down to where they are.

Trapped on the Zanskar, the only way out is to raft down the river. Most of them amateurs who have never gone beyond Grade 2 rapids! Some can’t swim, one fears water and another is injured. They can’t afford a puncture, they can’t dare a flip, their raft can’t capsize – if anyone falls into the freezing & furious waters, there is little hope for survival. Battling fatigue, they paddle furiously on the rafts for almost 5 days. Will they survive?