Vicky Ki Taxi is set against the backdrop of a busy, exciting, yet lonely metropolis Mumbai. It is a show where unusual stories unfold in the unique setting of a taxi lovingly called ‘Jaaneman’, with taxi driver Vicky playing the ‘reluctant messiah’. Through Vicky, the viewer gets a glimpse into the lives of the ordinary passengers with extraordinary stories. Whether he makes them smile, helps them locate a lost loved one or lends a sympathetic ear to their woes, Vicky touches these people’s lives.

The charming Pawan Shankar, essays the role of Vicky who hides a heart of gold beneath his tough exterior. Vicky Ki Taxi will be a One hour weekly show with an episodic format treated like a mini-story. In the span of an hour, an interesting tale unfolds that ensnares both Vicky and the viewer, reaching a dramatic climax that sometimes ends on a happy note and sometimes, just like life, on a note of bitter sweet poignancy.

Never failing to entertain, Vicky Ki Taxi, has slice of life stories: in Vicky Bana Hero, Vicky to his delight, finds himself and his beloved taxi, Jaaneman, featuring in a film shoot. Vicky’s happiness knows no bounds when he discovers that the film stars none other than his favorite heroine Anoushka. Unknown to Vicky, the wily director of the film, Gustaakh Dil, is only interested in Vicky’s Jaaneman. As the story unfolds, Vicky gradually realizes the pretentions of the film world and disillusionment sets in with the lovely but opportunistic Anoushka. In the end, Vicky’s never say die attitude and optimism win the day as he sets off to find his next passenger and story.

Yet another story, Yaadon Ka Basera, revolves around the feisty old lady Sharda who bullies Vicky into taking her on a whirlwind trip around Mumbai. Soon Vicky realizes that Sharda has a problem – she suffers from bouts of Amnesia. Concerned for his taxi fare, Vicky’s annoyance changes to deep sympathy when he understands that his passenger has run away from the sanatorium in the hope of catching a glimpse of her son and grandchildren, who she has long been separated from. Underscoring REAL’s ethos of Real people and Real stories, the stories showcase real people from every strata of society – stock brokers, gangsters, wannabe actors, a father looking for his missing daughter, an old man waiting for death and a child abandoned in the cab. Accordingly, each episode will have a different pace, feel and flavor. Some stories will be hard hitting and gritty, while some will be emotional. Others will take a humorous look at life, some will be pacy thrillers. The series will not hesitate to expose the dark underbelly of the city. But just like the seemingly callous metropolis that hides a generous heart, all the stories will end with a positive message – a message of hope that there are people out there who care enough to make a difference to your life.

Vicky Ki Taxi – Meter chalu. Story chalu.